The American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) serves as the voice for the frozen food industry and advances the interests of its member companies by providing opportunities that result in collective industry action. Grounded in the core strategic principles of Advocate, Elevate and Innovate, AFFI supported its frozen food and beverage processor and associate members throughout 2022.

2022 Year in Review

Year in Review Video

COVID illness and quarantines exacerbated labor shortages and supply chain disruptions throughout the food industry – in manufacturing, retail and foodservice. Despite the challenges, 2021 was another year of strong retail sales of frozen foods. Frozen foods continue to meet consumers needs for easy preparation, health, and variety. Looking ahead to 2022, AFFI expects continued strength in the frozen category and greater resiliency in the frozen food supply chain.

2021 Interactive Annual Report

We are proud of what we were able to accomplish together as an industry in 2021.

  • Led the food industry approach to drive practical and science-based Listeria monocytogenes policy with regulatory agencies
  • Advocated for frozen’s priorities with the Biden Administration
  • Positively promoted the business and benefits of frozen foods
  • Released market insights to identify unique opportunities in sustainabiliy and e-commerce to help drive the future economic health of our industry

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2022 Interactive Annual Report

Click through the interactive 2022 Annual Report to learn more about AFFI leverages its expert staff, exclusive resources and events, and collective industry action to:

Reduce Regulatory Risks for the Industry

By continuously engaging with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Capitol Hill and disseminating food safety best practices, AFFI acts to reduce regulatory disruptions to business operations.

Enhance the Perception of Frozen Food

AFFI is committed to enhancing the profile and positive perception of frozen food among media, policymakers and opinion leaders.

Drive Category Growth

AFFI facilitates growth for the frozen food industry through year-round business insights and events to help foster connections, strengthen the supply chain and drive solutions for innovative category performance.

Read AFFI’S 2022 Annual Report

To learn more contact us at info@affi.com.

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