Go deeper into the work of the American Frozen Food Institute and the Frozen Food Foundation.

American Frozen Food Institute

As the dedicated voice for the frozen food and beverage industry, the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) provides valuable services for its membership. Throughout 2023, AFFI acted on behalf of its processor and associate members to advance the interests of all segments of the category and created tangible results that benefit frozen businesses. Read the 2023 Annual Report to learn more about how AFFI supported its membership through collective industry action.

Frozen Food Foundation

The Frozen Food Foundation supports research and education intended to improve and benefit the broader frozen food industry. Its research initiatives and collaborations are rooted in principles of scientific excellence and transparency and its goals are aligned with AFFI’s strategic initiatives.

Throughout 2023, the Foundation supported research and projects in support of food safety, sustainability and nutrition. Learn more about how the Foundation supported research, education and outreach in 2023 that supported the frozen food industry.

AFFI Business Insights are Made Possible by the Following Sponsors

Enhanced Frozen Market Insights for Greater Impact with Circana

AFFI partners with Circana to provide members with complimentary access to their frozen food market data.  AFFI members can now access Circana data on frozen food sales including department, aisle and category performance across time periods, measures and product selection. The data is refreshed regularly so that the latest information is always available. 

Detailed instructions for Unify+ are available below. To start diving into frozen food sales trends, AFFI members simply login to the members-only area of the website and look for the Circana Unify+ logo on their dashboard. 

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