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Presented by AFFI | February 22‑25, 2025 |  Dallas

2025 Space Reservation

Lock in Your Space at the 2024 Show Rates

Companies that had a semi-private table or company showcase at AFFI-CON 2024 may reserve space at the 2025 event until April 30, 2024 at the 2024 rates listed below. You can reserve a showcase, a semi-private table or both regardless of the space you had at AFFI-CON 2024. 

Important Notes:

  • To maintain your reservation for space you will need to pay your invoice AND purchase at least one individual registration for AFFI-CON 2024 by November 30, 2023. Registration to the event is NOT included in your space reservation. A discount code for registration will be included with your invoice when it is sent in September 2024 and will be good for registering multiple individuals from your company at a discounted rate.
  • Pop-up banners will no longer be allowed in the semi-private table area for the 2025 event. To display larger promotional graphics like this, companies must reserve a showcase. 

AFFI-CON 2025 Space Reservation Form

Company Information

Business Address(Required)

Contact Information

Contract Agreement

Space Being Reserved (You may select both a company showcase and a semi-private table)(Required)

2025 AFFI-CON Space Reservation Terms & Conditions

AFFI has instituted the following policies for advanced space registration for AFFI-CON 2025. The company agrees that these policies are considered binding and agrees to adhere to these policies for the event being held at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas from February 22-25, 2025 .

  • Company agrees to pay the full cost of their space within 30 business days of receiving an invoice from AFFI. Invoices will be sent no later than October 30, 2024 to the primary and any alternate contacts listed above. Companies who have not paid their invoice in full by November 30, 2024 will automatically forfeit their reserved space and will need to make a new space request at the published 2025 rates.
  • Please note that to maintain your reservation for space you will need to purchase at least one individual registration for AFFI-CON 2025 by November 30, 2024 as registration to the event is NOT included in your space reservation. A discount code for registration will be included with your invoice when it is sent.
  • Full refunds will be available until November 30, 2024. After that date, whatever AFFI-CON cancellation policy is in effect for the 2025 show will govern cancellations.
  • Companies will be allowed to select their specific location in the ballroom(s) for company showcases in October 2024. The selection order will be done in the order that reservations are made by this form. Companies will be allowed to give AFFI four ranked preferences and AFFI will do it's best to honor those. Companies will be given five business days to send in their preferences. Companies that do not send preferences in by the deadline will be placed at AFFI's discretion.
  • Company is responsible for adhering to any written deadlines from AFFI or it's vendor partners for the event (for things like shipping materials, set-up and take down hours, etc.).

  • On-Site Policies for AFFI-CON 2025:

  • AFFI reserves the right to relocate showcases or semi-private tables on-site due to fire marshal regulations and failure by the company to be set-up by the start of the event.
  • Company agrees to adhere to the give-away policy for AFFI-CON 2025: Samples, catalogues, pamphlets, souvenirs, etc. may be distributed by exhibitors within their booth. Companies interested in conducting prize drawings, awards for signing of names, email addresses, etc. must submit their request in writing and receive written approval from AFFI prior to publishing advertisements for any giveaway or prize drawing. Distribution of outside food and drink items requires the approval of the hotel and exhibitors should work with AFFI staff to obtain that approval ahead of time (additional fees may apply). Signs showing the price of prize items may not be displayed. Failure to meet these requirements will result in a forfeited prize drawing and/or showcase registration.
  • Company showcases are a 10x10 area which cannot be exceeded. Items that are placed outside of the 10x10 area will be moved by AFFI.
  • For semi-private tables, no signage over 12" tall will be allowed, including pop-up banners next to the tables. This rule is in place to allow for easy navigation and line of sight for all companies doing business in the dedicated space.

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