Frequently Asked Questions

AFFI-CON is where business gets done in the frozen food industry
  • With our online scheduling tools, you’re able to set up meaningful in-person meetings.
AFFI-CON means dedicated days for business meetings
  • You know that everyone in the industry set aside these dates and times for the purpose of these important yearly business meetings
  • Meeting with everyone in your supply chain at one event is efficient and sets your company up for success the rest of the year
AFFI-CON means making new connections
  • Use the extensive search features in the meeting scheduling platform to find new business connections to strengthen your supply chain
  • Easily schedule business meetings without any back and forth about availability

AFFI-CON is all about getting business done. Typically, we see the following titles in attendance: Sales & Marketing, Procurement, Category Buyer, Export Manager, Sourcing, Operations, Supply Chain, Trader, President & Owners. From ingredient suppliers, to processors and retailers, our attendees plan their entire year of business at AFFI-CON. If you have a role in buying and/or selling products and services for your company this event is a business imperative.

Attendees of AFFI-CON report that they often don’t have the same experience as attending a traditional trade show. For best success at AFFI-CON, take advantage of the meeting scheduling platform and make your business meetings before you arrive on-site. We also encourage you to visit the Company Showcase to learn more about service providers in the frozen food industry. Click here to learn more tips for a successful AFFI-CON.

Visit our registration page here to sign up.

Upon registration you’ll receive a link to log into the meetings scheduling platform. Once inside, each attendee will be able to schedule meetings with other attendees. The more information you have in your profile, the more information the platform has to help you make the most out of your business meetings.

For more information about the technology being used to help attendees do business at AFFI-CON 2024 please visit our event technology page.

All registered attendees of the show are listed in the meetings scheduling platform and are searchable via a series of filters to help you find exactly who you are looking to do business with at AFFI-CON and quickly request a meeting. You will receive a link to access the platform in your registration confirmation email. 

In addition to the directory in the meetings scheduling platform, the AFFI-CON pre-registration list will be released to all attendees via email three times prior to the event: 

  • First Pre-Reg List: Week of November 6, 2023
  • Second Pre-Reg List: Week of December 4, 2023
  • Third Pre-Reg List: Week of January 15, 2024

Please note that the online directory in the meeting scheduling platform will always be the most current and robust set of information for attendees to build their business meetings schedule at AFFI-CON. 

AFFI-CON is taking place in San Diego at the Manchester Grand Hyatt from February 24-27, 2024. 

Meetings can be held in various locations at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Most attendees and companies host meetings in reserved meetings rooms or suites. You can view all available options here. The deadline to request a meeting room or suite through the business meeting space request system is October 27, 2023.

Attendees have the option to reserve company showcases (exhibit booths)  or semi-private tables in the Harbor Ballroom where they can host meetings as well. Company Showcases and Semi-Private tables have sold out in previous years, so we encourage you to reserve early!

Please use the business meeting space request system linked in your registration confirmation email to request a reservation for any of these spaces.

Typically, over 1500 attendees from 500 different companies participate in AFFI-CON every year.

Sponsoring at AFFI-CON is a prime opportunity to promote your company’s products and services to the frozen food industry and is a great way to maximize brand awareness/recognition. If you’re interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities contact AFFI’s Senior Director of Marketing & Business Development, Brian Peteritas, at

The International Buying Mission is being conducted in an area of the Harbor Ballroom by appointment only. For more information, please contact Food Export USA Program Assistant Benjamin Cortese at

Visit the AFFI Lounge in The Hub (Harbor Ballroom) to have a conversation with a member of the AFFI staff and hear more about AFFI. You can also reach out to AFFI’s Senior Vice President of Industry Affairs and Member Services, Adrienne Seiling

New in 2024, AFFI is hosting an About AFFI series on Saturday morning. Join the AFFI team for coffee at 7 a.m. to learn more about AFFI and its strategic priorities.

Business casual is the appropriate attire for all AFFI-CON events. 

Yes. The badge you receive at registration in the Harbor Ballroom Foyer ) is your passport to AFFI-CON and your official credential for all conference activities including meetings, receptions and education sessions.

AFFI-CON has security at all AFFI events and meeting areas and individuals not displaying a badge will not be allowed in meeting rooms.

Attendees are asked to decline invitations for meetings with individuals or companies not registered for the conference.

Please visit the Registration Desk in the Harbor Foyer to have your badge reprinted.

If your spouse is accompanying you to AFFI-CON, please contact the AFFI events team for assistance.

AFFI-CON is all about getting business done. Typically we see the following titles in attendance: Sales and Marketing, Procurement, Category Buyer, Export Manager, Sourcing, Operations, Supply Chain, Trader, President and Owners . Many of our attendees will tell you they plan their entire year in business at AFFI-CON, so if you have a role in buying and/or selling products and services for your company this is the show to attend.

AFFI-CON is where business gets done in the frozen food industry. By leveraging the latest in event technology, AFFI-CON 2021 with still be THE best place to do a whole year’s worth of business at once. The suite of tools available from our technology partner will translate into more meetings, new connections and more business getting done.

Dedicated days for business meetings
  • You know that everyone in the industry has set aside these dates and times for the purpose of these important yearly business meetings.
Making new connections
  • You will still be able to work the room in our virtual ballroom and there are ample networking opportunities planned.
  • The platform will make it easy to connect with other attendees and it’s matchmaking feature will allow you to discover new industry connections to do business with.
  • We have an exciting slate of industry specific education planned for AFFI-CON. Check out the Schedule page for more information. 

Learn more about the experience on our virtual event technology page, which includes a short video and a step-by-step guide on how to conduct virtual business meetings.

Upon login to the platform (which will open on January 4, 2021) you’ll go to the attendees tab. There you can search by an assortment of filters to find who you want to meet with. Simply click the request a meeting button, fill out some additional information and they will be sent a notice to confirm the meeting. Once confirmed it will show up on your calendar.

Meetings can be held in various locations. All attendees will receive a private secure virtual meeting room. You can enhance your presence at the event by securing a branded private meeting room that can host up to 50 attendees. Additionally, there are virtual tables located in The Hub virtual ballroom that are on a first come first serve basis.

No. Every attendee will receive their own secure, private virtual meeting room in which they can host up to five other attendees for a business meeting.  

There are so many great ways to connect with AFFI-CON attendees. Once you are granted access to the platform in early January 2021, you can connect with attendees by clicking “attendee search.” Here is where you will see everyone who is registered. You will be able to search by different filters and start requesting meetings. Over the conference dates (February 17-26, 2021) you will be able to mix and mingle in The Hub virtual ballroom over video or chat. You will also be able to connect with companies featured in our Product Showcase. Finally, there are daily scheduled networking events that you won’t want to miss. Check them out here

All education sessions will be held in The Hub virtual ballroom. Make sure to add education sessions to your calendar so you don’t double book yourself. 

When you are in the event platform click schedule and on the right-hand side click the attend button for each session to add it to your calendar. Inside the appointment you’ll find the link to join the session. If you are already in The Hub Virtual Ballroom, you don’t have to do anything. The education will simply start up. 

All sessions will show up in your local time zone within the event platform. Times are listed on this website in Eastern Standard Time (EST). 

Typically, over 1500 from 600 different companies participate in AFFI-CON in-person each year. Since this is the first virtual AFFI-CON, the attendance price-point is lower, and there are no travel expenses we hope to host a larger than normal event. 

To register to attend AFFI-CON, click here.

The registration rate will be based on membership status as well as the number of current attendees already registered.  For registration rates, click here.

Sponsoring at AFFI-CON is a great way to promote your company’s products and services. In a virtual world sponsoring maximizes brand awareness/recognition, and companies can be creative about how they sponsor with our customizable opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities contact AFFI’s Director of Member Engagement, Derek Saunders, at

The Product Showcase provides an exclusive group of AFFI-CON attendees to have their own branded landing page where they can post videos, provide handouts and hold business meetings in a private branded room. To learn more about the opportunity please email Cassy Dafin at

No, the system being used to host AFFI-CON 2021 is web-based so there is no need to download or install anything on your computer.

The platform works best with Google Chrome web browser. We highly recommend high-speed internet for the best viewing experience. Make sure to close any applications on your computer that could interfere with your business meetings or education and networking participation. 

If you are registered for the conference you will receive an email with log in information. 

The virtual platform is web based so you will need good Wi-Fi for the best experience. If you don’t have Wi-Fi at your office/plant consider logging in from home.

Business Meeting Concierge Service

To help get you started building your meetings schedule, we connect first-timers already registered for AFFI-CON 2020 with companies they could do business with based on what they are looking to buy or sell at AFFI-CON. Please fill out the form below and once the early registration deadline passes on November 8, we will begin replying with a few suggestions for attendees you can connect with through the conference app.

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