Plan for Success

AFFI-CON is a unique event that requires advance preparation to get the most value out of your time.

Over the course of AFFI-CON, most attendees hold over 20 business meetings with their buyers, suppliers and logistical partners. It is critically important to set these meetings up in advance of your arrival so you can meet with everyone you want and still have time to attend education sessions and networking receptions. We are utilizing the same scheduling platform for AFFI-CON 2022 that we used for AFFI-CON 2021, which allows you to schedule meetings that take place in-person at the event hotel or inside secure virtual meeting spaces included in the web-based platform. 

Using the platform makes building your AFFI-CON schedule a breeze. It allows you to find your existing business contacts or search for new ones and then message them with a few clicks to request a meeting at the event. Your calendar within the platform can be downloaded right into Outlook or Gmail so you will always have your most updated calendar right on your phone. 

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Here are the steps you need to take to have the most successful AFFI-CON, which begins with logging into the scheduling platform and completing the following steps:

Step 1: Updating Your Profile

The ability to provide robust details about what kinds of business you are looking to do at the show will allow you to make the right connections to grow your business at AFFI-CON. Be sure to update your profile to the fullest so that you, as well as other participants, are making the right connections. Confirm your information so you’re easy to contact before the event and beyond.

Step 2: Manage Your Calendar

The scheduling portal is centered around a visually rich calendar that contains your blocked availability, AFFI-CON education and networking events, your confirmed meetings and events. All your meetings and sessions are color-coded by category, so you can prepare for and manage your time.

Step 3: Set-up Meetings

The core attraction of AFFI-CON is the ease with which you can view participants, request a meeting, accept a requested meeting and choose a time to meet, or even snooze meeting requests if you’d like more time to decide. The attendee search panel provides a variety of filters to help you find exactly who you are looking for. The attendee panel also gives you the status of participants you’re interested in and shows you requests you’ve made that are still pending.

Additional Tips:

  • You will receive emails in real-time when you receive a new meeting or one of the meeting requests you sent out is confirmed.
  • Changes to meetings, such as the location, can be updated at any point in time.
  • You can download your schedule to your Google or Outlook calendar to easily share it with colleagues for the purposes of coordinating meetings.
  • Watch our AFFI-CON Event Technology Tutorial below to be taken on a guided tour of the scheduling platform. 

Event Technology Tutorial

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