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Presented by AFFI | February 22‑25, 2025 |  Dallas

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Speakers and Staff:

  • Alison Bodor, AFFI President & CEO
  • Dr. Donna Garren, Executive Vice President of Science and Policy
  • Dr. Sanjay Gummalla, Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs
  • Adrienne Seiling, Senior Vice President of Industry Affairs and Member Services
  • Mary Emma Young, Vice President of Communications
  • Brian Peteritas, Senior Director of Member Marketing and Business Development

Frozen Berry Market Protection Update

The frozen berry industry has been challenged with mitigating risks associated with the prevalence of enteric viruses (hepatitis A and norovirus) in frozen berries. Amid an outbreak in 2023 and a spate of product recalls, the industry came together to proactively address supply chain challenges, including growing demand for testing and regulatory uncertainties. AFFI and the Frozen Food Foundation worked with members to deploy the frozen berry market protection plan aimed at augmenting prevention and control efforts, building resilience in the supply chain, and coordinating research to support enteric virus inactivation and validation studies. Contributions from domestic and international processors, importers and other associations demonstrated a common purpose to undertake key projects and activities: a real-time enteric virus risk assessment tool, public outreach to share science-based approaches, research activities to fill the void between science and policy.

Join the AFFI team to hear these updates on the frozen berry market protection plan and regulatory developments impacting the frozen berry industry

Lunch & Learn: Frozen’s Economic Trends and Anticipating Business Cycle Changes

Conflicting trends characterized much of 2023. Some leading indicators were rising; others remained in decline. Interest rates remained perilously high, and people tended to make a certain assumption: “If nothing bad has happened by now…” Join us as we look at the trends for 2024, including a weakening economy, lower inflation, and a shift in consumer spending. We will also take a look at key domestic and global markets for frozen foods. With this presentation, you will have the time to develop tactics and strategies to beat the cycle and prepare for the inevitable business cycle rise ahead. Knowing what to watch for and the probable timing of the reversal to rise will give you confidence as you lay out your plans.

Lunch & Learn: Beyond Dollars: The Invaluable Currency of Food Safety & Consumer Trust

During this session, Frank Yiannas will illuminate the critical importance of fostering a robust food safety culture within organizations. We’ll explore how cultivating this culture not only safeguards consumers but also directly impacts a company’s reputation and bottom line. CEOs should attend to gain insights into risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, and the tangible benefits of earning and maintaining consumer trust. Yiannas brings a wealth of experience having served as FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response from 2018 to 2023, preceded by 30 years in food safety leadership at Walmart and The Walt Disney Co. Yiannas’ experience and expertise will provide valuable lessons for leaders striving to navigate the complexities of the modern food system. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a distinguished professional who has played a pivotal role in shaping food safety policies and practices. Join us for a session that will offer practical strategies for cultivating a robust food safety culture within your organization.

Annual Meeting & Keynote Speaker

AFFI’s Annual Membership Meeting will include an update on AFFI’s 2024 strategic priorities and opportunities for AFFI members to engage.

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