AFFI President and CEO Lauds the Role of Frozen Foods in Reducing Food Waste

New York – American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) President and CEO Alison Bodor today participated in a panel discussion on food waste to commend the launch of the “No Taste for Waste” campaign. The campaign features an interactive website, “Waste Less, Save Money!” bookazine and social media resources for consumers interested in reducing household food waste.

“Frozen food is a food waste solution that hasn’t received the attention it deserves,” said Bodor. “Freezing uneaten food extends its shelf-life, and buying already frozen food means that families can prepare only as much as they need and store the rest for later use.”

In her opening remarks, Bodor also cited research published in the British Food Journal that revealed frozen food generates almost 50 percent less waste at home than non-frozen food, so families can save money while still eating healthy meals.

“There is more our industry can do,” said Bodor. “That’s why AFFI joined the Food Marketing Institute and Grocery Manufacturers Association’s voluntary product code dating initiative.”

Bodor explained that AFFI’s support of the “BEST If Used By” language to indicate best product quality for frozen foods will help facilitate consumer understanding of date labeling and lessen food waste.

In closing, Bodor encouraged attendees to “think about all the ways that frozen foods and your freezer can help you reduce waste and save more.”

AFFI’s food waste resources are available here.

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