Breakfast Foods & Dinner Entrees Boost Frozen Food Sales in June

June brought continued normalization of grocery shopping patterns. The share of consumers who are ‘extremely concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic dropped to 22% of the U.S. population. That is the lowest level since IRI started to track consumer concern among primary grocery shoppers as of mid-March 2020.

This lesser concern has resulted in consumers feeling more relaxed while shopping for groceries in-store, spending a little more time and being more open to search for new items and meal ideas. The result is a vastly different marketplace in which stores are welcoming shoppers more often and baskets are smaller than those last year, though per-trip spending remains higher than 2019.

In June 2021, all week of frozen food sales were nearly $1.3 billion. Frozen foods have the highest increase versus the pre-pandemic normal of 2019, at +21.9%.

% sales change versus year ago % sales change versus year ago
Year-to-date 2021 through 6/27/2021 Dollar Size Dollar Sales vs. 2020 Dollar Sales vs. 2019 Unit Sales vs. 2020
Total food and beverages $334B -1.4% +14.4% -5.0%
Total fresh perimeter $152B -0.4% +13.3% -3.1%
Total Frozen $33B -2.0% +21.9% -4.2%

Source: IRI, Integrated Fresh, Total US, MULO, % change vs. year ago. 

The rapid march back to year-ago levels resulted in a few areas outpacing 2020 sales. These include breakfast foods (+10.9%) and dinners/entrees (+4.9%), which are both sizeable categories. Other contributing categories were processed poultry, novelties and snacks. Frozen food demand continues to hold at very high levels. AFFI members are invited to take a deeper dive into the numbers and statistics from June in the latest Retail Market Insights report brought to you by AFFI, IRI and 210 Analytics.

Join us for a webinar led by IRI on this topic: “Frozen Food Trends: Strategies for Success in a New Consumer Environment” on Tuesday, August 3, 2021.

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