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American Frozen Food Institute

1210 S. Glebe Road
Box No. 4330
Arlington, VA 22204-9998
tel: (703) 821.0770
fax: 703.342.0343
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Office of the President:

Alison Bodor
President & CEO
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Conferences & Events:

Brynn Hadley
Vice President of Conferences
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Cassy Dafin
Coordinator of Conferences
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Communications & Member Engagement:

Adrienne Seiling
Senior Vice President of Strategic Communications
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Brian Peteritas
Senior Director of Marketing & Communications
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Derek Saunders
Director of Member Engagement
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Alexis Settineri
Manager of Communications
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Tom Kearney
Chief Financial Officer
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Science & Policy:

Dr. Donna Garren
Executive Vice President of Science & Policy
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Dr. Sanjay Gummalla
Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs
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Dr. Lory Reveil
Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs
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Elissa McLerran Gilliam
Senior Director of Public Policy
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Sonja Ferguson
Science and Policy Administrative Coordinator
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