Enteric Viruses

Enteric Viruses

Enteric viruses such as Norovirus (NoV) and Hepatitis A (Hep A) are important pathogens associated with frozen berries. Consumption of food contaminated with enteric viruses may result in foodborne illness, hence frozen fruit processors should apply the highest standards of production and processing practices to ensure they are safe for consumption. Important aspects of safe frozen fruit processing include following good manufacturing practices, personal hygiene protocols, water management and appropriate waste disposal.

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Pre-harvest: Preharvest food safety measures and interventions are implemented on the farm or in the field to prevent or reduce introduction of enteric viruses onto food products.
Harvest: Enteric virus prevention is also important during harvesting. These resources focus on proper use of equipment and tools, effective handwashing techniques, and safe food handling practices.

Post-harvest: Resource materials include management of personnel, proper clean-up and disinfection methods, and food handling education and training materials.

Enteric Viruses Recommendations


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