Facility/Processing Operations

Facility/Processing Operations

This section outlines measures frozen fruit processing facility should implement for controlling and managing enteric viruses and their related risks. Resources include proper clean-up and disinfecting methods, education and training materials, and a supplier verification questionnaire.


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Pre-harvest: Preharvest food safety measures and interventions are implemented on the farm or in the field to prevent or reduce introduction of enteric viruses onto food products.
Harvest: Enteric virus prevention is also important during harvesting. These resources focus on proper use of equipment and tools, effective handwashing techniques, and safe food handling practices.

Post-harvest: Resource materials include management of personnel, proper clean-up and disinfection methods, and food handling education and training materials.

Facility/Processing Operations Recommendations


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Facility Cleaning and Disinfection Team

Facilities should coordinate and assign a team to clean and disinfect after vomiting.

Facility Documentation for Contamination

Facilities should have documented control measures for Hepatitis A and Norovirus contamination events.

Facility Illness Logging

Facilities should develop and implement an incident log to track employee illnesses associated with Hepatitis A and Norovirus.

Facility Review of Enteric Viruses Outbreak Reports

Facilities should periodically review local Hepatitis A and Norovirus outbreak reports using media sources, local news, county or local communications.

Facility Review of Imports

Facilities should review import alerts on frozen berries related to enteric viruses.

Facility Signage

Facility should develop and display appropriate signage to reiterate personal hygiene practices

Facility Signage

Facility should develop and display appropriate signage to help employees identify symptoms for Norovirus and Hepatitis A infections

Facility Training and Logs

Facilities should implement a periodic training regimen and keep a training log.

Facility Training Materials

Facilities should develop effective training materials for enteric virus prevention and spread among employees.

Facility Vaccine Availability

Facilities can encourage employees to be vaccinated and make available Hepatitis A vaccinations.

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