Five Ways Frozen Foods Power Distant Learning

October 6, 2020

Arlington, VA – Working from home with children in the house since March has had its challenges. Now, add staying on top of your kids’ distant learning during the workday? That stretches your bandwidth even further and, no, we’re not referring to your download speed. Ensuring your kids have a healthy, filling lunch can be tough under the best of circumstances. Let frozen foods optimize your bandwidth.

According to the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI), sales and interest in frozen foods are at an all-time high, with consumers planning to purchase more frozen foods even after the pandemic subsides. Consider these reasons to make frozen foods part of your midday meal break for your at-home students:

  1. Easy to Prepare. No need to interrupt your workday with complicated meal prep or chopping fruits and vegetables for snack time. Frozen foods come with easy-to-follow cooking or preparation instructions just requiring you to press a few buttons on your oven or microwave.
  2. Nutritious. Speeding through the day, it could be all too easy to settle on a heavy, unhealthy lunch for you and your kids.. Frozen foods retain fresh foods’ vitamins and minerals – meaning you can fill your kids’ bellies with great brain foods such as veggies and lean protein to power them through the day. All frozen foods are labeled with Ingredient Declarations and Nutrition Facts so you know what your kids are consuming.
  3. Delightful. AFFI’s recent research are finding consumers are consistently delighted in discovering new frozen foods in the grocery aisles. Similarly, dishing up a frozen meal featuring such variety as world flavors one day, seafood the next day and smoothies the day after, can make your kids’ school day – and your day – a little less hectic.
  4. Teachable. Want to spark a young child’s interest in cooking? Start them with frozen, working alongside them to prep lunch. The simple, numerical steps frozen dishes typically provide on packaging are a great opportunity to get your child comfortable with the kitchen.
  5. Bonus Answer: Snack-able. If your student is having the late-morning lulls or the mid-afternoon hungries, a quick frozen snack is a simple way to lessen the between-meal hunger pangs to help them stay focused on school and give you back the time for the next conference call.

About AFFI
The American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) is the member-driven national trade association that advances the interests of all segments of the frozen food and beverage industry. AFFI works to advance food safety and advocates before legislative and regulatory entities on the industry’s behalf to create an environment where members’ foods and beverages are proudly chosen to meet the needs of a changing world.

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