Industry Leaders to Offer Insight for Frozen Food Market Growth

The AFFI Leadership Conference Will Look to the Frozen Industry’s Future on October 2-4, 2022

By: Alison Bodor, President and CEO, American Frozen Food Institute

Although frozen food and beverage sales were already increasing before the pandemic, the frozen food industry has been a powerhouse since 2020. This industry growth proved steady, with dollar sales of frozen food in the U.S. in 2021 still remaining more than 20 percent above pre-pandemic levels. On a global level, the frozen food market size and share is expected to grow 5.1% between 2022 and 2030.

In addition to the boost driven by the pandemic, the attitude of younger shoppers has contributed to the continued success of the frozen food and beverage market. Millennials have embraced frozen foods — this consumer group now makes up the largest segment of frozen food customers at 48 percent.

While the growth in frozen has been remarkable, future challenges and market evolutions lie ahead, and the frozen food industry must be ready to address these potential changes and anticipate what is next. With open dialogue and insights from leaders across the food and retail sectors, frozen executives can have a full understanding of the potential new hurdles and identify solutions to support their operations. 

The 2022 AFFI Leadership Conference, taking place Oct. 2-4 in Scottsdale, Ariz., will bring frozen food and beverage industry leaders together to examine the challenges and opportunities of the industry, and leave attendees with ideas and insights to take back to their businesses and prepare for tomorrow’s market needs.

Insights that Drive Industry Innovation

The Leadership Conference, open to members of the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI), will focus on industry market trends, consumer expectations, policies and  innovations that inform the future of the frozen food industry and ignite new opportunities. Specific sessions scheduled include:

Frozen Food Innovations

A review of the top ten growth areas of the industry and examples of global frozen food innovations will provide participants with insights on processes for success for retailers and manufacturers.

Unlocking E-Commerce

A review of the top ten growth areas of the industry and examples of global frozen food innovations will provide participants with insights on processes for success for retailers and manufacturers.

Building a Culture of Food Safety

Food safety is a top priority of AFFI, and our library of evidence-based research and training programs are critical to helping all aspects of the industry develop a culture of food safety. This session will welcome expert speakers from Cargill and Chipotle Mexican Grill to share their experiences on what it takes to build a culture of food safety despite challenges associated with existing supply chain disruptions.  


The development of government policies impacting food and beverage packaging can have a significant impact on companies. This session will offer steps brands can take to upgrade their sustainability to mitigate policy risks and stay in-tune with retailers and consumers.

In addition to session topics, AFFI will roll out the new Power of Frozen in Foodservice report in partnership with Technomic. The session, Driving Growth in Foodservice, will reveal the results of foodservice operator attitudes and practices regarding the use of frozen foods and an assessment of the trends that impact frozen food acceptance among operators.

AFFI Provides Actionable Insights for the Frozen Food Industry

The AFFI Leadership Conference is a member-only event offering valuable insights to help the frozen food industry gain resources and strategies to drive success in tomorrow’s marketplace. Don’t miss this chance to cultivate new connections and solidify existing relationships for excellent business opportunities.

In addition to the upcoming Leadership Conference, AFFI offers myriad initiatives to advance the frozen food and beverage industry.  For example, we provide extensive business insights to help industry professionals navigate the evolving frozen food and beverage landscape. Industry advocacy and science-driven food safety information are also essential elements to help steer the frozen food industry to success.

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