Business Insights

AFFI is committed to providing in-depth sales data and actionable insights that individual companies within the frozen food industry can utilize to expand and grow their businesses. We invite you to explore our collection of weekly updates and in-depth market research.

Enhanced Frozen Market Insights for Greater Impact with Circana

AFFI partners with Circana to provide members with complimentary access to their frozen food market data.  AFFI members can now access Circana data on frozen food sales including department, aisle and category performance across time periods, measures and product selection. The data is refreshed regularly so that the latest information is always available. 

Detailed instructions for Unify+ are available below. To start diving into frozen food sales trends, AFFI members simply login to the members-only area of the website and look for the Circana Unify+ logo on their dashboard. 

Retail Sector

Consumer focused research that examines attitudes, purchase drivers and current trends around the use of frozen foods.

Foodservice Sector

Operator focused research examining attitudes, perceptions and opportunities for frozen food makers.

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