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AFFI is committed to providing in-depth sales data and actionable insights that individual companies within the frozen food industry can utilize to expand and grow their businesses. We invite you to explore our collection of weekly updates and in depth market research.

Our newest report offers a detailed look at frozen food sales since the outbreak of COVID-19. We hosted a webinar where report author Ann-Marie Roernik of 210 Analytics took a deeper dive into the results.

Weekly Retail Market Insights

Protein Leads Gains in Double-Digit Week for Frozen Food

Frozen Foods Generate Double-Digit Gains for 22nd Week

Frozen Foods Sales More than Double Total Store

Frozen Foods Continue to Win With More Trips & Bigger Baskets

Frozen Foods Continue to Trend Well Above 2019 Baseline

Holiday Week Sparks Another 20%+ Growth Week for Frozen

Gains Remain Above the 20% Mark in Non-Holiday Week

Father’s Day Drove a 26% Gain for Frozen Foods

Fifteen Weeks into Pandemic, Frozen Food Still Up +20%

Strong Sales Gains for Frozen Foods Persist for Third Month

High Demand for Frozen Food Continues

Frozen Foods Sales Gains Remain, Outpace Total Store

Frozen Food Sales on Pace for Third Straight Week

Frozen’s Highly Elevated Performance has Shelf Life

Eight Weeks of Pandemic Shopping Pushes Frozen Higher

Final Week of April Shows Frozen Food Up 50% Over 2019

Frozen Pizza, Snacks, & Protein Options Drive More Big Gains

Double-Digit Increases Continue for Frozen Foods Amid COVID-19

Frozen Foods Remain a Sales Powerhouse During COVID-19 Buying

Stock-up Shopping Drives Higher Frozen Food Demand

The Power of Frozen in Retail Research

The Power of Frozen in Retail, done in partnership with the Food Marketing Institute, examines the consumption, purchase drivers and use of frozen foods. These research findings, along with actual sales and consumption data, provide a comprehensive 360-degree view of frozen food to equip frozen food manufacturers and their retail partners with opportunities for continued growth. 

Report Highlights

Frozen Food Sales are in the midst of a Strong Comeback

In 2018, both dollar (+2.6%) and units (+2.3) grew, with nine out of 10 top-selling categories up in dollars and all 10 up in units.

99.4% of Households Buy Frozen Food

While nearly all consumers buy frozen food throughout the course of the year, there’s an opportunity for frozen food manufacturers and retailers to work together to increase consumption frequency. Learn more about growth opportunities in the full report!

Boost Category Performance

Frozen Food Shoppers Provide a Blueprint for Growth

While core shoppers link frozen food to convenience, ease of preparation and time savings, core consumers stated they also value the taste, quality, variety and consistency of the food itself.

The report is available for free download (members) or purchase (non-members) in the Resources tab once you are logged in. 

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