In partnership with AFFI, Intertek Alchemy developed a Listeria specific food safety training course that is available to the frozen food industry. This program is tailormade for line workers in manufacturing facilities and includes a variety of interactive content that keeps workers engaged for better retention, results, and risk reduction.


Program Benefits

Protect Profits

Listeria can cost your facility up to $6.5M a year.

Reduce Risk

Your workforce is informed, well-trained and ready to battle Listeria.

Protect People

Listeria is deadly, particularly to vulnerable populations and you can help protect them.

Program Includes


The full program binder with all the detailed information needed to run a successful program year-round.

Monthly Posters

High-impact posters to post in high traffic areas. Each month highlights a different topic that further emphasizes the most important steps in protecting against Listeria.

Digital Signage

Short, visual digital segments that can be uploaded to your digital signage and screens in the facility.

Need to Knows

Handouts that provide specific training tips about the monthly topics to each employee.

Huddle Guides

Thorough guides for supervisors to use to initiate in-depth discussions with employees about prevention techniques.

Recognition Cards

Help to reinforce following excellent procedures with employees.

Launch Guide

Introduces the program, outlines expectations, and explains the importance of Listeria prevention.

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