AFFI’s advocacy efforts provide the frozen food industry the opportunity to amplify their voice on issues that have the greatest impact on their business.

Utilize our one-click messaging portal to automatically contact your representatives in Congress on the top issues of the day, utilizing pre-written messages created by the AFFI legislative and regulatory experts. When it comes to the policies that affect your business, help ensure that legislators make the right decision by adding your voice to our efforts. Visit our grassroots action center for more information on our top-tier issues and take action today.

Key Issues

Food Safety

Advancing food safety is the highest priority for the frozen food supply chain. That’s why AFFI is focused on a wide range of critical food safety issues utilizing a variety of tools, ranging from cooperation and communication with federal law and policymakers to industry education sessions and partnerships.

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Our member companies proudly produce some of the safest and most nutritious food in the world and strive to provide consumers with accurate information that allows them to make informed choices about the food they eat.

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Food and Nutrition Access

We actively advocate across a diverse spectrum of food nutrition issues, including federal programs and services designed to provide families, mothers, infants and school children with access to affordable and nutritious food options.

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Supply Chain

To ensure global economic competitiveness, frozen food and beverage makers rely on the free flow of goods and access to fast-growing economic markets, which allows the industry to procure ingredients and grow its customer base.

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