The Freezing Research Award was created to honor an individual, group or organization for outstanding contributions in frozen food research. The research focuses on, but is not limited to, food safety as it relates to frozen food and innovative freezing techniques. The award recipient receives a plaque and a $2,000 honorarium sponsored by the Frozen Food Foundation. The award is presented by the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) during their annual meeting each summer.

Previous Recipients:

  • 2022: Dr. Jeff Farber, Adjunct Professor, University of Guelph
  • 2021: Dr. Shyam Sablani, Professor of Food Engineering, Washington State University
  • 2020: Dr. Claire Zoellner, Food Safety Scientist, iFoodDecisionSciences, Inc.
  • 2019: Dr. Martin Wiedmann, Distinguished Professor, Cornell University
  • 2018:  Dr. Donald Schaffner, Distinguished Professor and Extension Specialist, Rutgers University

Qualifications for Nominations

  • Nominees should be an individual, group or organization from industry, academia or government involved in freezing research and the effects of freezing on food.
  • Nominees should have preeminence in and make outstanding contributions to the field of research involving frozen food, or have developed an innovative, significant or strategic solution providing value to the frozen food industry.
  • IAFP Executive Board Members and Frozen Food Foundation Awards Committee Members are not eligible for this award. Previous recipients of the Frozen Food Foundation Freezing Research Award are not eligible for a period of three years.

Criteria for Nominations

Nominations should include specific information on the following:

  • Career highlights: length of service and positions held in the conduct of research especially the research of frozen food;
  • Curriculum vitae or summary of positions held and other activities highlighting the nominee’s dedication and length of service to the advancement of frozen food;
  • Specific achievement(s) or accomplishment(s) in advancement of frozen food;
  • Specific activities that would be considered significant achievements or accomplishments in furtherance of frozen foods (e.g., specific research projects with a summary of their outcomes);
  • Description of the originality/creativity and quality of the contribution;
  • Description of the significance/importance of the contribution;
  • Documentation supporting the effectiveness of the effort and its value to the frozen food industry
  • Education offered directly or indirectly to the frozen food industry;
  • Involvement and specific roles in training programs, contributions to publications and/or other forms of educational communications (e.g., organized workshops or other training programs, authored or co-authored papers published in recognized journals or magazines, etc.);
  • Peer assessment of nominee;
  • No less than two and no more than three letters of support from professional peers in addition to a nomination letter. Nominees may nominate themselves.

Additional Considerations

Other activities or characteristics of the nominee not specifically covered in the stated criteria may be provided to emphasize nominee’s dedication to frozen food (e.g., involvement with IAFP or other associations, volunteer and community activities related to frozen food, etc.).

Complete submissions will include a nomination letter covering the criteria listed on this page, two to three letters of support and the completed award nomination form. Please limit the submission to a maximum of 15 pages.

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