On the journey from farm to table, it takes many people to keep frozen foods safe. That’s why AFFI is committed to advancing food safety throughout the frozen supply chain and advocating for reasonable regulations.

Our Approach

1: Lead with science

AFFI invests in scientific research to ensure the safety of frozen foods. This science guides the development of our best food safety practices to prevent foodborne risks and helps ensure that the U.S. food supply remains the safest in the world.

2: Develop and disseminate best practices

Based on science, AFFI works with its members and the broader frozen food industry to develop best practices aimed at control and prevention of foodborne risks. AFFI’s Food Safety Zone serves as a one-stop food safety resource for all frozen food companies. This website allows manufacturers to search for, access and incorporate food safety practices, created by food safety professionals FOR food safety professionals. The tools are available for download so they can be applied to the food safety plans of our industry companies. (after this let’s place the Visit the Food Safety Zone button)

3: Collaborate to educate

We must ensure consumers understand most frozen foods are intended to be cooked and to follow the package cooking instructions. There’s strength in numbers when it comes to sharing this knowledge. That’s why we collaborate with AFFI members and other organizations on educational strategies that effectively bring food safety messages to consumer audiences.

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Advocacy Topics

Food Safety

Advancing food safety is the highest priority for the frozen food supply chain. That’s why AFFI is focused on a wide range of critical food safety issues utilizing a variety of tools, ranging from cooperation and communication with federal law and policymakers to industry education sessions and partnerships.

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Our member companies proudly produce some of the safest and most nutritious food in the world and strive to provide consumers with accurate information that allows them to make informed choices about the food they eat.

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We actively advocate across a diverse spectrum of food nutrition issues, including federal programs and services designed to provide families, mothers, infants and school children with access to affordable and nutritious food options.

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To ensure global economic competitiveness, frozen food and beverage makers rely on the free flow of goods and access to fast-growing economic markets, which allows the industry to procure ingredients and grow its customer base.

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