AFFI offers in-depth and monthly actionable market intelligence to support category performance. We have also partnered with Circana to provide our members deeper insights into current trends and publish real-time market data.

2023 Power of Frozen in Retail

The third annual report combines the results of more than 1,700 consumer surveys with retail measurement and consumption data from Circana. Done in partnership with FMI – The Food Industry Association, this report brings an understanding of consumers’ perceptions, attitudes and behaviors regarding frozen food to help the category optimize production, marketing, merchandising and branding decisions.

Power of Frozen Fast Facts

Shoppers view frozen foods as total meal solutions that save them time, are easy to prepare, and meet their taste expectations.

38% of those who consume frozen food eat it every few days or daily.

The majority of core consumers are more likely to believe that the frozen food department offers a wide variety of better-for-you options.

Frozen Fruits & Vegetables Report

This research examines the perceptions, usage and expectations among U.S. consumers and SNAP-eligible households for frozen fruits and vegetables. AFFI’s market research provides insights into the frozen fruit and vegetable shopper, including where they buy and how they use these products, and includes a special look at uses within SNAP-eligible households.

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Finding Pockets of Growth as Low Inflation Impacts Frozen Food Sales in October

October 2023

Price $25.00

Frozen Food Inflation Dips Below Total Store in September 2023

September 2023

Price $25.00

As Inflation Slows, The Frozen Food Performance Is Starting to Strengthen

August 2023

Price $25.00

Frozen Food Performance Mirrors Total Food in July 2023

July 2023

Price $25.00

The Power of Frozen in Retail Research

The Power of Frozen in Retail, done in partnership with the Food Marketing Institute, examines the consumption, purchase drivers and use of frozen foods. These research findings, along with actual sales and consumption data, provide a comprehensive 360-degree view of frozen food to equip frozen food manufacturers and their retail partners with opportunities for continued growth.

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