Pre Harvest

Pre Harvest

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Pre-harvest: Preharvest food safety measures and interventions are implemented on the farm or in the field to prevent or reduce introduction of enteric viruses onto food products.
Harvest: Enteric virus prevention is also important during harvesting. These resources focus on proper use of equipment and tools, effective handwashing techniques, and safe food handling practices.

Post-harvest: Resource materials include management of personnel, proper clean-up and disinfection methods, and food handling education and training materials.

Pre Harvest Recommendations


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Clean-up procedures related to contamination with Enteric Viruses


Develop a clean-up plan to manage release of bodily fluids resulting from vomiting or diarrhea as they are possible sources of virus contamination

1. Train employees on procedures to handle clean-up of contaminated surfaces and safe disposal of contaminated products (food and non-food) exposed to bodily fluid to prevent further cross contamination.

2. Establish an employee health monitoring procedure

Use of Soil Amendments


Raw manure may be used in the farm as a soil amendment

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