AFFI Statement on the Safety of Frozen Strawberries

The American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) and our member companies are committed to providing safe frozen food. Almost every household in America enjoys frozen food, and more than 800,000 servings of frozen strawberry products are eaten daily in the United States.

AFFI takes seriously the current outbreak investigation of hepatitis A infections linked to organic frozen strawberries imported from a farm located in Baja California, Mexico, in 2022. The current organic frozen strawberry recall affects a limited number of products and consumers should feel confident purchasing and consuming frozen strawberry products not covered by this recall. AFFI encourages shoppers to follow the guidance of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Frozen strawberries are a healthy and affordable fruit that consumers appreciate for their nutrition, year-round availability and convenience. As with other frozen fruits, strawberries are frozen within hours of harvest, a process which locks in the fruit’s nutrients. Frozen fruit also help consumers reduce their food waste footprint thanks to its long shelf life.

While the risk of hepatitis A contamination from frozen strawberry consumption is low, even a single illness is one too many. AFFI and our members are committed to scientifically based strategies to improve food safety practices. With input and guidance from global food safety experts and frozen berry processors, AFFI developed guidance to mitigate the risk from viruses such hepatitis A. These effective practices are available for free to the global fruit growing community on the AFFI website. We also offer a food safety certificate training program available in English and Spanish, aimed at food safety, quality and operations personnel in the supply chain, to build awareness and knowledge about the potential risks of this virus in the production and processing of frozen berries.

AFFI, the FDA and our member companies continue to collaborate to advance food safety.


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