New Study Pinpoints Frozen Food Gain to Three P’s

Perishability, Price and Preference


Arlington, VA – Frozen food sales were up 21 percent in 2020 and, according to IRI®, some categories of frozen foods are still outpacing 2020 sales. A recent study from Deloitte points to perishability, price and preference as the three factors influencing consumers’ desire for frozen.

The Deloitte report, “Fresh vs. Frozen: The Future of Fresh in a Changing Competitive Landscape,” shows that 72 percent of consumers surveyed think about food waste and how much they throw away when making a purchase. Sixty percent agreed that fresh food’s shelf life has recently decreased and 45% agreed that more of the fresh food in their homes is going to waste than it did in past.

A separate study in the Nutrition Journal, shows that the average American consumer wastes about one pound of food every day and spends over $1,300 per year on food that ends up being wasted, or about $3.52 per day per year. More than 60 percent of the total wasted food is comprised of meat and seafood outside the home and fruits and vegetables within the home.

“Nothing matches the lifespan of frozen foods and with that longevity comes the subsequent benefit of reduced food waste,” said AFFI President and CEO Alison Bodor. “Frozen foods can improve resource conservation, help feed a growing world and ensure more people have access to affordable, safe and nutritious foods.”

Frozen foods are often lower in cost-per-serving and have a longer shelf life than refrigerated or fresh foods.

“In this inflationary environment, consumers will be looking for ways to keep their food costs reasonable and not throwing food away is an important start. There’s the price you pay and what you don’t throw away – a win-win for frozen,” added Bodor.

Frozen food also has gained on fresh as a matter of preference. In head-to-head comparisons, between 40% and 50% of consumers now see frozen food as just as good or better than fresh food.

Bodor added, “It is delicious, nutritious and helps families meet their food and nutrition goals while ensuring they spend less over time.”

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