Unlocking Success in the Frozen Food Industry: Why Frozen IQ 2024 is a Must-Attend Event for Manufacturers and Retailers

By: Alison Bodor, President & CEO, American Frozen Food Institute

Given the current economic conditions in the United States, now more than ever frozen food manufacturers and retailers must come together to align on value to drive more units. Fortunately, the category has many opportunities to meet the needs of price-sensitive and value-conscious shoppers and incentivize them to put more frozen foods in their baskets. Understanding the need for grocers and CPGs to work together to maximize frozen’s potential is why AFFI has joined forces with the Food Industry Association (FMI) to host Frozen IQ from June 3-5, 2024, at the Worthington Renaissance in Fort Worth, Texas.

What is Frozen IQ and who should attend?
Frozen IQ is the only event that brings together manufacturers and retailers to delve into frozen-specific insights aimed at optimizing category performance and fostering growth. Whether you’re a CEO, operations expert, sales professional, marketing manager, or involved in research and development, Frozen IQ is crafted with your interests and objectives in mind. Frozen IQ delivers an unrivaled platform for actionable education, thought leadership, and networking.

Let’s explore the top three reasons why Frozen IQ is a must-attend event as our category jointly works to drive more units:

  1. Winning the Value-Conscious Consumer in Frozen Foods: Today’s consumers are more health-conscious, environmentally aware and time-strapped than ever before. This means they are looking for frozen food options that align with their values — whether it’s sustainable sourcing, clean ingredients, or convenience without compromising quality. With every category in the supermarket strategizing on how they deliver value, you can’t miss Frozen IQ where we’ll explore the evolving landscape of the value-conscious consumer, navigating inflationary pressures and seizing opportunities for sustainable growth within the frozen food sector.
  2. Transformative Insights: Frozen IQ offers more than theoretical discussions; attendees leave equipped with actionable strategies to drive sales growth. Whether it’s improving in-store merchandising, understanding the latest in cooking technology or opportunities to leverage frozen’s ability to combat food waste and curb carbon emissions to increase share of stomach, Frozen IQ equips attendees with new ideas and tools to drive growth and success.
  3. Networking: Frozen IQ offers unparalleled networking opportunities. It’s an intimate event that makes it easy to connect with peers, industry experts and potential partners, which is invaluable in today’s competitive market. Attendees can forge new relationships, share experiences and collaborate on innovative ideas that can shape the future of the frozen food industry.

As manufacturers and food retailers strategize on approaches to the frozen food aisle, attendance at Frozen IQ 2024 is essential. By staying ahead of industry trends and insights, companies will position themselves to win in frozen. I encourage you and your team to seize this opportunity and register for Frozen IQ today!

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